Smart Blinds / Curtains

We are making it simple for you. 3 easy steps to setup SmrtLyfe Blinds to save on energy costs by letting in maximum sunlight in the winter and blocking rays in the summer.


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Window Shades

Smart Blind and Curtain

Motorized your existing window shades in less then 5 minutes. Controllable by our SmrtLyfe App and can be eadily voice controlled.

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Smart Fan

Smart Bladeless Fan

Transform your space with our WiFi-controlled bladeless fan, offering refreshing coolness and cozy warmth. Enter a new era of climate control where innovation meets sleek design, creating a personalized atmosphere.

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Smart Fan

Smart Ceiling Fans

Experience next-level comfort with our WiFi-controlled smart ceiling fan. Effortlessly control and customize your environment with intuitive, app-driven technology. Embrace a new era of stylish, smart living. Controllable by our SmrtLyfe App

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Smart Control Devices

Climate control at your fingertips.

HomeModrn Window Shutter Curtain Switch $65.00
Brushed gold
Brushed silver
Available in 5 colors
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Air Quality

Smart Dehumidifer

Revolutionize your comfort with our smart dehumidifier. Effortlessly tailor your surroundings, banishing excess moisture and creating the perfect atmosphere with just a tap. Welcome to a new era of smart, refreshing living.

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