Security + access

Stay Alert With Enchanced Security

Smart Doorbell

Get real-time alerts, deter intruders, and communicate via built-in speakers. Enjoy peace of mind with remote monitoring, motion detection, and seamless smart home integration.

Alarm System

Our smart alarm system provides real-time alerts, deters potential threats, offers remote monitoring for peace of mind, integrates seamlessly with smart devices, and ensures swift responses through effortless control and customization.

Security Cameras

Elevate peace of mind with smart home cameras, providing real-time monitoring to deter potential threats. Improve security, get instant alerts, and monitor your home from anywhere, anytime.


Smart home sensors and detectors deliver enhanced safety. Receive instant alerts, detect emergencies, and enjoy peace of mind with real-time monitoring. Effortlessly safeguard your home with intelligent, proactive technology.


Video Doorbell

Elevate security and convenience with our cutting-edge video doorbell. Experience instant visibility, two-way communication, and smart alerts. Welcome peace of mind at your doorstep.

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SmrtLyfe Control Panel

Alarm System

Our SmrtLyfe Control Panel can be connected with various alarm devices, such as security alarms (smoke, carbon dioxide, human body), door and window sensors, infrared sensors, surveillance cameras and so on

Featuring a 10 Inch Display, With Touch + Knob + Button Control
Featuring a 6 Inch Display, With 3 Customizable Physical Buttons
Non Wall Embedded Smart Hub, Plug N Play System.


AI Tracking Camera

This advanced 2K resolution smart camera offers an array of cutting-edge features including Human Motion Tracking, Face/Motion/Sound Detection, Night Vision capabilities, Built-in Siren, and Two-way Audio communication.

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