Lawn Care

Smart Lawn Mover

Unleash the future of lawn care with our smart mower—effortless, precise, and app-controlled. Watch your lawn transform as innovation meets convenience, redefining the way you experience yard maintenance.

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Water Sprinkler 8 Zone

Revolutionize watering with our Smart Water Sprinkler. Effortlessly control zones through an intuitive app. Experience precision, efficiency, and a lush, vibrant garden that responds to your command.

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Smart Water Controller

Water accurately according to your demands. Over 12 simple functions to operate this device seamlessly. Controllable by our SmrtLyfe app

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Smart Garage

Turn just about any garage into a smart garage in less then 5 mins. Effortlessly manage access, monitor remotely, and enjoy the convenience of a connected space. Welcome to the future of secure and intelligent garage control.

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Automated Pet Care

Taking care of your furry friend has never been this easy .


Smart Litter Box

Step into the future of pet care with our Smart Litter Box. Effortless cleaning, real-time health monitoring, and app control redefine convenience. Elevate your cat's comfort and your peace of mind with the ultimate in automated litter management.

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Smart Pet Feeder

Elevate pet care with our Automated Pet Feeder—precision feeding, app control, and customizable schedules. Keep your furry friend happy, healthy, and well-fed, even when you're away. Welcome to the future of pet convenience.

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