SmrtLyfe Control Panels


All-in-one Smart Home System

Easy for everyone

HomeModrn simplifies smart home usage for family, friends, and guests, allowing them to manage popular smart home products and experiences via a wall-mounted touchscreen panel.

Replaces your light switch

HomeModrn serves as a comprehensive smart home touchscreen controller, seamlessly replacing a light switch panel. It comes in four models designed to replace light switch panels ranging from 1-gang to 4-gang configurations.

One app to rule them all

Streamline your smart home management by consolidating various apps. Take control from anywhere using the SmrtLyfe mobile app, compatible with both iOS and Android.

Climate Control

Make your home more energy efficient

Use touch and voice controls to adjust your home's temperature. Or automate your SmrtLyfe shades to save on energy costs by letting in maximum sunlight in the winter and blocking rays in the summer.


Answer & Unlock The Door From Any Room

Now everyone at home can see who’s at the door with a HomeModrn Video Doorbell without needing a phone or app. Also paired with our smartlock, you can let people in with just a tap.


Smart lighting perfected

Turn regular lights into smart lights that can be controlled via touch, voice, motion, scenes, or an all-in-one app


Bring your family together

Make room-to-room announcements or share two-way video chats through the SmrtLyfe audio and video intercom system. You can see and talk to kids, guests, housekeepers, and nannies – regardless of whether you are home or away.


Let everyone DJ with in-wall controls

Control HomeModrn speakers directly from the wall and easily browse and play music without needing a phone or app. Our SmrtLyfe control panel displays music, playlists, and stations that you add to your account.


Easily customize your panel.

Change the asthetic of your home with the tap of a button. Over 50+ themes to suit your mood for the day

SMRT Home Control Panels

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Smart Handheld Remote

The handheld smart remote supports IR, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Bluetooth device control. It can intellifgently control of devices in the HomeModrn ecosystem

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